Why I Chose to Rescue Senior Cats

[Story by Holly in Tavares, FL @hollyk70]
When I decided a few years ago to get a cat, my first thought was to buy a kitten from the pet store. I soon realized, though, that my local animal shelter offered a better and more humane option. And when I got to the shelter to check out the cats, I fell in love with a senior cat Milo who had been there for a while waiting for a forever home. Why did I choose a senior cat when there were literally dozens of younger cats available? Here’s why.Save an Animal’s Life: Up to 2.7 million pets are euthanized in shelters every year, including older, unadoptable pets. By adopting a senior cat, I saved his life.Gain Companionship: I live alone, and I enjoy the quiet but also have a hard coming home at night to an empty house. After I adopted Milo, my world changed and I no longer felt lonely when Milo and I were home together.Save Money: Because Milo was living in a shelter and already fixed and up-to-date on vaccinations, I didn’t have to pay huge adoption fees charged by pet stores. Now I know he’s an older cat and may need expensive medical treatment as he ages, but overall I saved money by adopting a senior pet.Do Less Training: The thought of housetraining a kitten did have me a little worried. Milo came already trained, and even though he still scratches my sofa sometimes, I spent a lot less time acclimating him to the house than I would have spent training a kitten.

Are you considering adding a new pet to your family? I encourage you to visit your local animal shelter. Find a senior pet that needs a good home and enjoy the wonderful benefits like I have!

[Note from Layne Lisser – And of course in the Monterey, California area, check with us Golden Oldies Cat Rescue … our mission is to give older cats new beginnings through the use of Fosters and our Volunteer organization.]

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