There are many Opportunities to participate as a Volunteer!

FOSTER OPPORTUNITIES Fosters are the cornerstone of what we do! Without foster homes we cannot save lives. And because we are 100 percent foster-based, the number of cats we can take in is proportional to the number of fosters we have. Golden Oldies covers any approved medical expenses for foster cats. We try to provide our foster homes with food and cat litter but we appreciate any help in that area; if you can provide these things it is much appreciated and will allow us to allocate our resources to other areas. We also can supply donated beds, toys and crates when we have them available. We cannot attach a timeline to fostering as it is for as long as it takes us to find these cats their forever homes. Fostering is a perfect niche for someone who cannot make a commitment to adopting but would like to have a cat in their home. Read more about fostering HERE! Become a Foster by filling out an application HERE!

Other Important Volunteer Opportunities

TRANSPORTATION VOLUNTEER – We need help picking up cats from shelters that are ready for foster homes or taking cats to the vet. If you are available during the day on weekdays this could be a good fit for you.

PUBLICITY and TABLING EVENT OPPORTUNITIES – We need volunteers to distribute flyers around Monterey County. We have flyers that need to be pinned to bulletin boards. Also smaller printed cards that we need placed on countertops in vet offices, grooming salons, pet stores and wherever else they can be left. Every week or so you’d need to check back and restock the supplies as necessary. We also need volunteers to coordinate and work at fundraising/tabling events. The more funds we raise the more cats we can save. Organizing and running Tabling events gives us a great opportunity to interact with the public and educate them on the needs of older cats, and explain what great companions they make. If you’re a people person this might be the perfect opportunity for you!

LEAD VOLUNTEER for EVENT PLANNING  – The opportunities for this person are to work closely with our Events Coordinator to find and contact new venues, set up tabling events and presentations, and help out at events.

VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR – If you are organized and enjoy working with people in a leadership role, this is for you. The volunteer coordinator meets with new volunteers for a short orientation, assigns tasks and keeps in communication with them.

GRANT RESEARCHER/WRITER – This entails researching and identifying grants we qualify for and putting together proposals.

COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR – A work-from-home position that involves checking the Golden Oldies email and voicemail messages and sending them to the appropriate person.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE – If you want to help out but are not sure which area is the perfect fit for you — or you cannot make a firm commitment – send us your email address and we will put you on our list for emails that we will be sending out when we need certain things done.

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