Volunteer Application Forms:

Here you can find and download our volunteer application forms, for which ever way you would like to be a part of Golden Oldies Cat Rescue.

Below are links to our online application forms. When you click on the link it will open the form in a new tab. Complete the form online, and then download and email from your desktop, or if your browser allows, email directly from the form page. It’s that simple!


Foster Application Form

Here is our application form to apply to be a Foster home for Golden Oldies Cat Rescue:

This Foster Application is designed to help us make the best placement possible – the right foster home for each cat and the right cat for your home. In order to be considered for fostering, you must be at least 18 years of age and be willing and able to provide a stable home environment. Thank you for expressing an interest in fostering a Golden Oldies cat.

Animal Foster Application_eForm

Adoption Application Form

Here is our application form for adopting one of Golden Oldies Cats. Please Click on the link below and the form will open in a new tab. You may then download the completed form and email to goldenoldiescats@gmail.com. Thank you for considering an older cat for adoption.

Adoption Application_eForm

Volunteer Application Form

This is our Volunteer Application. Click on the link below and the form will open in a new tab.

Volunteer Application_eForm

email to:


Thank you for considering a volunteer position with Golden Oldies Cat Rescue. We are 100% Volunteer and Foster based. Your support is crucial to our work … You make it possible to save lives!

Surrender Form

This questionaire is for people who are considering surrendering their cat for adoption or would like a courtesy listing on our website for their cat.

We focus on Monterey County, and cats 6 years of age and older.

Because we are a new organization, unfortunately there are some medical conditions we are unable to handle — including but not limited to diabetes, thyroid disease, cancer and any terminal illness. If a medical exam shows a cat has one of these we unfortunately cannot take the kitty.

In order for us to take in your cat, your cat must have:

– A complete medical exam within the last 60 days

– Senior blood panel within the last 6 months

– FIV/FELV test (needs to be negative)

– FVRCP & Rabies vaccines

– Be scanned for a microchip or given one if necessary. Please record the number and microchip manufacturer!

– Be spayed/neutered

– Have its teeth checked & graded for dental disease

Please note: If you take your cat(s) to Dr. Marcus at Purrfurably Cats, all Prospective Golden Oldies Cats will receive 50% off their exam, and 25% off Services. Purrfurably Cats is located at 481 Cortes St., Monterey, CA 93940. Call (831) 655-2287 to make an appt. If you live in the Carmel Valley area, Animal Hospital at Mid Valley, located at 312 Mid Valley Ctr, Carmel, CA 93923, will also offer the same rates. Call Dr. Karl Anderson at (831) 624-8509 to make an appointment there.

All exam notes and test results can be emailed to us at goldenoldiescats@gmail.com or you can give your vet authorization to release them to Golden Oldies Cat Rescue and we will call the vet and get the records.

There is a $150 intake fee for a guardian surrender — and we gladly welcome donations above and beyond that.

Finally, before intake, your cat needs to pass an evaluation by a Golden Oldies representative.

Since we can only take in a cat when we have an available foster, we also offer a courtesy listing on our website at no charge, while you continue to care for the animal. However all other requirements still need to be met, as well as some good pictures and a short bio on the animal.

To get started please click on the link below and fill out the form that opens in a separate tab. Once completed simply email the completed form to goldenoldiescats@gmail.com. Please submit one form for each animal you need help with.



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