How To Trim Your Cat’s Nails

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Since I know this has the potential to calm many anxious hearts and minds…here’s a basic primer on How To Trim Your Cat’s Nails.

Step 1.  Relax.  It’s really not much different from trimming a child’s nails.  And we know our cats are like our children, don’t we? ?

Step 2.  Use a nail clipper you feel comfortable with.  It can be the ones especially made for cats, or even ones for humans.  The main thing is that you feel comfortable with them, since you’ll be using them.

Step. 3  Press on your cat’s paw pad to expose a nail…and clip just the pointy tip of it off.  Just like when you clip human nails and you avoid getting too close to the skin?  Avoid going too close to the quick in your cat’s nails.

Trimming Nails
Trimming Cat nails

Then repeat!  Clip front nails once a month and back nails once every two months.

Bonus Hints

  1. Catch ‘em while they’re napping, or really drowsy…maybe on one of these Comfy Clamshells .  (It’s a favorite at our house!)
  2. Normalize touching their paws by associating that touch with good things.  (Treats!)
  3. Start young.  If you handle their paws regularly when they’re kittens, you’ll both have an easier time during nail trimming sessions when they’re cats.
  4. Consider using Stress Stopper to help ease the stress of a trimming session.

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