Tiger Lily Has a New Home!


Tiger Lily has a new home!

A wonderful lady from Carmel saw her ad in the Carmel Pine Cone. She had been considering a 4-year-old, but a friend recommended she think about an older cat in the 10 or 11 year old range. She saw Tiger Lily’s ad and called us! 

Tiger Lily’s new home has plenty of space for her to wander when she gets settled (she still needs to lose some weight!), and lovely big windows for her to watch the squirrels, birds and butterflies. She is going to LOVE it!

Tiger Lily came to Golden Oldies November 26, after her guardian could no longer care for her. She was born in 2006, and weighs in at a whopping 17 pounds! 

This girl is an affectionate and approachable kitty who enjoys interaction with her humans. She is beautiful, sweet, gentle, friendly, mellow, and she’s house trained! What more could you ask for? She also provides plenty of insulation to make sure you stay warm during these cold nights! She’s a lap cat that loves to sit with you and purr while you pet her, and she’ll hang out with you while you’re watching TV or reading a book. Sometimes she has a lot to say, but only when she wants to be by your side. Tiger Lily is quite shy when she first meets someone but eventually warms up. A great companion! 

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