Older Cats are worth the investment!

Older Cats are worth the investment!

Jackson asks, “Thinking about bringing a new cat into your life? I want to spread the word about the joys of adopting an older cat. Yes, it’s a commitment and there are some sacrifices, but the payoff is major!” With an older cat, you’ll know how he acts with children and other animals. You’ll also avoid the accidents and messes that a kitten will cause.

Here are a list of reasons to consider an Older cat:

  1. They demand less and give more … they’re grateful, and very very loving!
  2. They tend to be less willfully  destructive. A lot less behavioral issues seen.
  3. Their needs can be simpler and they may be easier to take care of if you work a lot: While they still need mental stimulation, and certainly some physical stimulation, nothing compared with kittens, or adolescents. Think feline retirement. Instead of “Hunt, catch, kill, eat, groom sleep. It’s watch someone else hunt, catch, and kill, and I’ll just eat, groom, and sleep.” 🙂
  4. Personalities of older cats are more established than kittens which may make integration with other pets easier. What you see is pretty much what you’re going to get. Which is not to say you can’t teach an older pet new tricks, it simply means that the personality is not the guessing game it is with a kitten, adolescent.
  5. Older animals are harder for shelters to adopt out.  Open enrollment shelters, shelters that will take everything, run out of room, and often are euthanizing what they can’t place. Older cats are more likely to be less tolerant of a shelter environment and so not do as well emotionally or even physically. Selective shelters may simply refuse animals they don’t think they can place. That’s just the reality of the situation.
  6. While the medical commitment is potentially greater, annual wellness exams more necessary, the payoff is much greater as well! The animals really do know you’ve saved them.

See why Jackson Galaxy thinks older cats are a great adoption choice. Check out his video.

If you do end up going with an older or senior pet, or you already have one, check out some of these helpful products available through the Jackson Galaxy website …

  •  An older kitty may have some creaky bones, but my Holistic Solutions can help! Use Creak-Away and Graceful Aging to restore free flow and adapt to the limitations that come with getting older.
  • Senior animals have senior bladders. Keep them healthy with Herbsmith Bladder Care, a powder supplement for your pet that helps the bladder and urinary tract.
  • Just because your pet is elderly doesn’t mean he can’t still have fun like the best of ’em! Your cat will be feeling groovy and playful with the Twisted Kicker, my sturdy toy that packs a double-header of catnip. Woo-hoo!

And please remember to check out at available Golden Oldies Cats while you’re here!

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