Twelve-year-old Bonnie loves “Broom Grooming” and is the newest kitty to join Golden Oldies. Bonnie’s guardian went into an assisted living facility and we have been working with her daughter. We secured a foster yesterday and Bonnie will be making the move in early August when the foster returns from vacation. Bonnie lived with her former guardian since she was a 9-month-old kitten.
Thank you to Nancy for taking Bonnie in as a foster. This is what Nancy had to say about deciding to foster Bonnie: “My pleasure to have Bonnie with me. I know she will fill a void that has been in my home for far too long…so very sad to give up a sweet innocent creature who has been a part of the family for so long. I told [the guardian’s daughter] she has visitation rights anytime! Thanks for doing what you do!”
Bonnie loves lap time and being groomed, especially “broom groomed” as seen in this video. She also enjoys playing with toys and chasing string. This senior girl has some spunk! She may be a little shy at first but once she warms up to you she will love you forever.
Golden Oldies needs more foster homes so we can take in more kitties like Bonnie. If you are interested in Adopting, please call us at 831-200-9700 or fill out an Adoption Application Form here.


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